Nord Bird

We all got used to and later do not think at all what the true creator and inspirer of this or that brand should be. You don't even need to guess-this is a born leader, a bright individual with a clear plan of action, inexhaustible energy to do everything and be in the trend. Bravo!!! The advertising is doing its best. «It's not what it seems» I tell you. This touching, but motivational story will force you to reconsider your vision of personal development, starting with the origins of the unknown future and approaching to a full and conscious knowledge of yourself when you take risks, first of all challenging yourself, while not losing individuality and harmony in your inner world. Again and again I am convinced and can't but admire that the person is mobile and inventive. 

You just have to want to!

Do you remember when you came up with the idea of starting a workshop? How did it all start?

Quite a few factors influenced the decision to create Nord Bird. It was a long way to find myself. Apart from my main job, I was always drawn to creativity: I tried to draw, photographed, sewed bear toys.But one day my colleague introduced me to her aunt, who is engaged in individual tailoring. It so happened that she lives in the house next to me and we began to communicate.For a whole year she inspired me with her work, and the idea that I wanted to learn how to sew began to arise in me. It's always difficult for me to take the first step, so I needed a "magic kick". In my case, it is an unsuccessful order of a dress on the Internet. After receiving the order, I was so disappointed in the quality of tailoring that the next weekend, or rather new year's vacation, I sat down and sewed a dress on the finished pattern from the magazine. The process was very exciting and I decided to continue self-study. A few months later, the result exceeded all my expectations and I decided to create Nord Bird. By the way, on March 7, Nord Bird will be 4 years old. At first, it only was my hobby, which turned into a favourire thing. Some time later, it became difficult to combine the main work and my art temptation. And after thinking about the meaning of life, I decided to quit and start doing what I like, so that in my old age I do not regret that I did not have the courage to take a step towards happiness.

Why Nord bird? What kind of association is this?

For a long time I lived in the Arctic circle in Murmansk and often visited Norway. My most vivid memory is a trip to thenorth of Norway. I remembered the road through the Mountain, remembered the taste of northern strawberryand cozy houses. Since then, I have loved Scandinavia immensely, and once a year I try to travel to the northern countries. 

So the first part of the name Nord was invented. The second part (Bird) was originally known, I wanted to honor the memory of my mother, in her maiden name she had a bird name. 

And since I studied 2 languages at the University, the first part of the name is in the French way, and the second – in English.

Do you remember the first time the existence of Nord bird? How did it all start? Who helped? Immediately formed a team? 

Initially, I did not have a sewing education and the first two months I sewed the same dress, working out the sewing technology and accuracy, like all I started with ready-made patterns. Then I took courses in design and technology of sewing both women's and men's clothing. I remember how my friends and I gathered in the Studio to shoot the first video, for which I am infinitely grateful to my friend and part-time good videographer George Maglakelidze, who helped to shoot the first video. Thanks to my husband's support, I quit my main job a few months later,Iworked in banking for about 10 years, and started spending more time with my Northern bird. Then there was my first workshop, where I spent all my time, invented and sewed the first models, and where you could come just for tea, to meet and hug. Since then, time has passed and I have changed 4 workshops, but I do not despair and believe that I will find my cozy nest. The first two years I sewed all the clothes myself, then there was an assistant who sometimes helped metosew T-shirts and hoodies, and last year, by chance, a small production was found, consisting of only four people who helpedmetosew most of the trousers and jackets. Speaking honestly, it was hard for me to decide to trust someone to make my clothes, but as in any business, there came a time when you can no longer cope alone and need someone who can be involved in this volume of work. But my main helpers are my husband, who believes in me and supports me from the very beginning of the creation of Nord Bird and thanks to whom I do what I love. And, of course, my friends who help me on the set (take pictures, act as models-approx. ed.) or inspire their way of life.

What qualities should a person who decided to open a workshop have?

The main desire and love for their work.

Who is your critic? What kind of criticism do you trust?

The most important critic is my inner self. If I dance in a thing made by me, then everything hasalreadysucceeded.

Can you compare yourself when you started the business and now – what has changed?

When I started I didn't have a certain style of clothing, I was just interested in the process of tailoring and the birth of a new thing. Now I know exactly the direction I want to go. It is important to me what I create,it is important that my clothes do not depend on trends and seasons, so that they are as comfortable, comfortable and functional as possible. I sew what I like to wear myself.

What are your strengths and weaknesses? Do you have a desire to develop your project further?

I can't get along with two opposites: laziness and love for my work, which is why I stand still.Although perhaps this is what helps me to remain such a tube and even a little chamber local brandand everything is going to be just fine. 

How do you see your future development of the workshop? Will you learn and look for some new forms?

Now I have a certain stage- without a workshop, there is only a showroom, which is located inSt. Petersburg creative apartment, where you can come for a fitting. But I would really like to go back to the format of the workshop where I can create and receive guests. Northern minimalism, clothes that are comfortable and that will last a long time-this is my main idea, which helps me in finding new forms and models.

Do you think about expanding your workshop, production, and team? Do you think about presenting your products abroad?

First of all, I would like to open a cozy shop where my clothes would be presented, supplemented with vintage things from different parts of the world. In the future, I'm  planningto open a website that will be the first step towards selling clothes abroad.

Which concept of art is closer to you: art as a pleasure, as a way of life, as an educator of people, or something else?

First of all, I get pleasure from creating clothes, because I go through all the stages from the idea to the finished article of clothing.Creating something with your own hands, which in the future brings a lot of positive emotions to people-is priceless. I always strive for minimalism in clothing, I want to show that monochrome and the absence of any details brings a zest to the created image, that it can look very stylish and timeless. Probably now, after 4 years, I can say that I sew in the Scandinavian style, the style that inspires me.

This style is based on common sense, it is concise and at the same time convenient and not boring things that will decorate everyone and will serve you for a long time.